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Salustro Partnership Architects LLC is a preeminent custom Architectural firm headed by the husband and wife team of John and Constance Salustro. The partners are graduates of the esteemed School of Architecture at the University of Miami and both studied under several internationally respected professors. Prior to and after graduation, they were exposed to various projects in South Florida and each personally contributed to the initial planning and development of the now famous revitalized South Beach neighborhoods of Miami; one of the most important and successful inner city revitalization efforts in U.S. history.

The Principals

John W. Salustro

Constance K. Salustro

Bringing their fresh design flair to the northeast, they started the Firm in 1984 and quickly began to accumulate a long list of distinguished projects. Along the way they have received several design awards and recognitions. The firm continues to enjoy growing success in New Jersey while expanding into other states.

Choosing the right Architect is one of the most important decisions to be made in determining the successful outcome of any construction project. Salustro Partnership Architects, LLC, offers a full range of architectural and interior design services and specializes in custom residential and commercial work.
After more than 25 years of designing and managing projects, the firm possesses a unique level of expertise that translates into visionary results, addressing the client's needs with pinpoint accuracy and delivering timeless buildings on time - and on budget.

Whether starting from the ground up, adding on or remodeling, the firmís goal is to provide their clients with a unique, well thought out designed project that exceeds expectations. The principals think of their services as an intelligent interpretation of their clientís needs and desires. When combined with exceptionally creative design and exquisite, meticulous attention to detail, the result is ultimate project success, time and time again.
NJ Architects John Salustro and Constance Salustro
Contact us when you are ready to get started with your project, or just to learn more about our process and how we can help you translate your vision to reality. To view our work, please visit our online portfolio galleries. The galleries are conveniently organized by category and location.
Registered architect: New Jersey, New York.
Professional Planner: New Jersey.
Professional/Academic Affiliations: member of the Tau Beta Pi Society, certificate holder National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, recipient of Golden T-Square Award.
Registered architect: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Rhode Island.
Professional Planner: New Jersey.
Professional Affiliations: member American Institute of Architects, certificate holder National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, member International Code Council.
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Salustro Partnership Architects, LLC is a professional architectural design firm located in Martinsville New Jersey. The firm specializes in custom residential architectural design, projects requiring a commercial architect, the architecture of multi-family residential projects, residential additions, rehabs and remodeling, and exclusive high-end interior design services. Our team of New Jersey architects serve Somerset County, includng Martinsville, Warren, Watchung and throughout all of New Jersey. Registered architects in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Connecticut.
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International Code Council
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American Institute of Architects
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