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A residential addition should redefine the space in harmony with the existing environment, while providing the occupants with all the enhancements they need. Balancing the client's new lifestyle requirements against the property's capacity to return positive equity is no small task.

Says Constance Salustro of Salustro Partnership Architects, LLC "Reconfiguring a pre-defined space to meet new requirements that were never intended for that space is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of our business. It's such a thrill to show a client how the home they've lived in for years can accommodate their changing lives in a way that often exceeds their expectations."

An addition by Salustro Partnership Architects, LLC is an elegant extension of the existing building that combines energy efficiency, beauty, function, timeless design and architectural features to create a look and feel of having "always belonged".

Explore some of these amazing transformations in the Residential Additions Architects Gallery.
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Salustro Partnership Architects, LLC is a professional architectural design firm located in Martinsville New Jersey. The firm specializes in custom residential architectural design, projects requiring a commercial architect, the architecture of multi-family residential projects, residential additions, rehabs and remodeling, and exclusive high-end interior design services. Our team of New Jersey architects serve Somerset County, includng Martinsville, Warren, Watchung and throughout all of New Jersey. Registered architects in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Connecticut.
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