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We hope you enjoy viewing these galleries as much as we enjoyed putting them together for your. These are just some of our favorite projects. Take your time, look around and get acquainted with our work, then give us a call and let's discuss how we might be able to help you with your project.
Choosing a design category below will take you to that category's portfolio of projects. From there you can view individual projects, navigate back to the category's main page or return to this Portfolio overview page.
Building your dream home starts with the right design. See a sampling of our exquisite custom residential designs incorporating style, function and taste to create a home for the ages.
See our Signature Commercial building designs that not only maximize value and use of available space, but help to identify your business for the market and the local community.
Multi-family residential designs don't have to sacrifice style and convenience. Get a look at these ingenious designs by Salustro Partnership Architects and you'll see how.
Dream additions that blend everything you love about your home with everything you've wished for over the years. See how to redefine your space as life evolves with these before and after project galleries.  
View our history of high end custom interiors for home or office and see how our clients achieve both value and luxury when they decorate with Salustro Partnership Architects.   
After more than a quarter century, Salustro has become part of the local landscape. Our designs have resulted in some of the most well known landmarks in the local area. Use our project map to find your favorites.
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Salustro Partnership Architects, LLC is a professional architectural design firm located in Martinsville New Jersey. The firm specializes in custom residential architectural design, projects requiring a commercial architect, the architecture of multi-family residential projects, residential additions, rehabs and remodeling, and exclusive high-end interior design services. Our team of New Jersey architects serve Somerset County, includng Martinsville, Warren, Watchung and throughout all of New Jersey. Registered architects in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Connecticut.
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